Workshop and additional activities

The dustworkshop 9 will be held at Teatro Leal, which is located in the core of La Laguna, a 15th century city, UNESCO World heritage.

Draft of agenda

21 May 2018 (Monday, evening), registration desk at Teatro Leal.

22 – 24 May 2018 (Tuesday – Thursday), dustworkshop9 at Teatro Leal.

25 May 2018 (Friday, 09h to 16h, aprox), visit to Izaña Observatory, located at about 2400 meter above sea level. This is a mountain a Global Atmospheric Watch research facility whose meteorological records started a century ago  and where Saharan dust  and aerosol chemistry  is being monitored since 1987.  If you want to join us to visit Izaña we recommend you take your flight back to your country the 26 May.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES, include a guided tour walking through La Laguna in the evening of the workshop days.