Workshop Background

The dustworkshop9 is a scientific forum to analyse and discuss the state of the art research on dust, its connections to air quality, environmental impacts and climate.

The dustworkshop9 develops under the umbrella of the WMO SDS-WAS programme.

History of the Sand & Dust-storms and Associated Dustfall Workshops:

1st Workshop,           Seoul, Korea,                        March 2002

2nd Workshop,          Nagoya, Japan,                      November 2003

3rd Workshop,           Huhhot, China,                      August 2005

4th Workshop,           Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia        April 2007

5th Workshop,           Urumqi, China,                      May 2008

6th Workshop,           Glyfada, Greece,                    October 2011

7th Workshop,           Frascati, Italy,                        December 2013

8th Workshop,           Lisbon, Portugal,                  May 2016

9th Workshop,          Tenerife, Spain,                   May 2018